EOHG Meeting Reminder

The next meeting is Saturday, January 18th at 9 o’clock at Harmony Village in Columbiana. We will be electing new officers and setting the schedule for 2020.

Anyone that will be participating in the overshot coverlet project, we will be calculating our warp & weft so materials can be ordered. Mary Ann handed out the pattern books to pick a design and there will be  color cards  to choose your color. If anyone needs a pattern book, contact MaryAnn.

The after meeting focus group for the Scandinavian pick-up bandweaving will be modifying the rigid heddles and discussing materials to start weaving bands in February. There will be four sizes to choose from, so it will be within everyone’s comfort zone. If there are any questions, contact Tracy.


YAWG Meeting reminder

Time change to 11 am on Wednesday January 8 in the Colonial Inn on the Canfield Fairgrounds.

pw stocking

We will be starting the patchwork Christmas stockings. Sheila will provide a pattern in several sizes and show how to piece together the patchwork. Bring whatever you have to share of handwoven fabrics, trims, ribbons, laces, bands, cords, sequins or any other decorative item. The pieces do not have to be large to do patchwork.

Plus to use as a base for the patchwork, a plain background fabric like muslin, scissors, pins, fabric marker or chalk, needle & thread. There will be extras to use, so no need to go out & buy anything yet.

Putting together and finishing the stocking will be covered at the February meeting.

Also, Mary Ann will be getting more details from us and organizing the coverlet project. Think about which pattern from the book she handed out and what color you prefer so the threads can be ordered.

Loom & yarn

This came in through the website if anyone is interested. I have no details so contact her directly.

I have some yarn that I used to weave a rug when I was in college. The yarn is mostly neutral colors. I would like to donate it to someone who could use it.
I also have a 45 inch, four harness loom. It will need some TLC and to be reassembled. It is available to someone who can pick it up.

EOHG Meeting Reminder

Saturday Oct 19, 9 am at Harmony Village in Columbiana.  Moosetracks transparency copy

Program will be on weaving transparencies – be ready to try it out!

Bring your calendars to sign up for demo time at the Holiday Marketplace. If you won’t be at the meeting, contact (Warren) Sheila to sign up. Do a bit of demo time and sell your weaving!

Also bring suggestions for the Christmas luncheon and 2020 programs.

holiday market 19