June Meeting & Free-Style Weaving Workshop

June’s meeting will be baskets at the Weaving Willow in Hubbard. Basket is your choice – please let Liz know what you’d like to make or ask her for some ideas if you are not sure yet. She will have some wood bases made in advance.

Once again, another successful workshop! The creativity was flying for 3 days with bright colors, novelty yarns, roving, locks, beads, buttons and bangles. Just the supply table was a feast for the eyes. Thank you Sheila for a great time.

Samples from the workshop

Workshop May 7 – 9 & Meeting May 9

The free weaving workshop is coming up fast. Sheila has an extensive list of very cool techniques to work through and will open up all your creative abilities. It will be a lot of fun! There is still space if anyone is interested.

There will be a regular monthly meeting on Wednesday the 9th at the Colonial Inn in the Fairgrounds. It will be a chance to see what the workshop participants have done. Also bring any show & tell from those over-the-winter weaving projects.

The April meeting with speaker Ginger Mangie was amazing! Ginger brought her extensive collection of purses and had lovely stories of history and entertainment, as well as what to look for in purchasing vintage bags. Here are some of her treasures:

Also, Katherine brought a collection of miniature purses that she created:Katherine mini 1Lots of inspiration!