An Update & an Opportunity

The twining program for this coming Wednesday is postponed to another time. Bring anything you would like to work on instead, especially the tapestries.

This opportunity to demo came in via the website…check it out and we can discuss it at the meeting.

“I am the coordinator of the Weavers’ Cabin of Harmony. We are hosting a fleece to shawl demonstration in June 17. It is a demonstration and not actual competion. 
It is an opportunity for spinners and weaver to try their hand at participating in an event. It can be as rigid or formal that you would like. Last year we had 4H team weaving a scarf, a team with about 10 spinners and another that used it for a bigger competition. We have a judge that will critique your work and the shawls can be sold at a month silent auction if you wish. You can check our website for contact information and more details. “

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