Tapestry Study Group

The tapestry study group will begin after the next YAWG meeting on April 5. This is an informal peer support group to work on tapestry techniques. This is not a regular part of the meetings. We will also meet after EOH meetings if the room is not reserved by another group.

Here is a list of supplies to gather up for the first meeting:

Standard Tapestry supplies:
Tapestry loom of any size or style
Tapestry fork or dinner fork
Blunt tip weaving / yarn needle
Cotton seine twine or navajo wool for warp
Any yarn for weft – wool, cotton, perles, embroidery floss, acrylics, sock yarn, novelty yarn (this is a stash-buster)
Shed stick, pick-up stick or popsicle stick for picking designs

Any tapestry books, scissors, paper & pencil

Will be showing different types of tapestry looms, tools and other supplies at April meetings. If you will need to purchase something, come look at the various styles first. If there are any questions, contact Sheila.

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