No Meeting

The planned field trip exhibition is not open on week-ends.

From our President: I did not make arrangements for building because of field trip so there will be no meeting tomorrow.  See you in April.

One Reply to “No Meeting”

  1. Hello friends! I would like to come to one of your meeting as I am trying to learn more about weaving. I have alpacas and have batting and roving and yarn and such. I really want to make a rug out of my rug yarn but need to learn from the masters of this craft. Do you usually meet on Fridays? I work Monday-Wednesday, sometimes Thursday’s until 3 pm and I’m trying to get to a weaver meeting. Thank you for whatever info you can give me.


    On Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 5:08 PM Youngstown Area Weaver’s Guild & East Ohio


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