EOH Meeting

Our next meeting will be Saturday, November 19th @ 9:30 a.m. at the Leetonia Library.  The program for this month “German Paper Stars” will be rescheduled due to the auction we will be having.  

 When we combined the guilds we have duplicate books and magazines so we decided that we could auction them off at our next meeting.  For this auction, we are asking that you ONLY bring in weaving, spinning or fiber related items that you want to DONATE.  They will be auctioned off at the meeting and then proceeds will go to the guild.  Some items people have brought in the past were left over spools of yarn, loopers, bluejeans, tools. I thought we could split the money with the YAWG from the sale of the books and magazines, since we had combined the libraries.  The other items sold will go to the EOH guild, as we no longer have dues and this will give a little money if there is need i.e. dyes, warp etc.

How the auction will work is a member will be the auctioneer – Roxanne unless someone else wants to volunteer.  If interested in bidding you will be given a number and usually the treasurer will keep track of who the number belongs to and the items that were sold to who so at the end of auction you can check with treasurer or whoever kept the tally and know what you owe.  Most items in the past would only of for a few dollars, unless you have a bidding war then you can expect to pay a little more.  So bring your dollars!!!

When members bring in items we will have an area to put the items that will be auctioned off.  So after meeting is adjourned you will have time to look at items to see if there is anything you want to bid on.  

IMG_0703             IMG_0786