August Reminders

Fair entries due by August 10!

Don’t forget to send your entries. We had a spectacular showing of weaving and spun yarn last year…let’s do more this year! New categories should make more entries possible.

East Ohio Handweavers

If you are interested in the basket weaving meeting to be held at Monica’s home on August 17th, she will need to know soon if you are attending and what basket you wish to weave. Here are pics of the fruit basket (L) or the Williamsburg basket (R).

September meeting will be the auction, so start collecting auction items.  To those that have never attended could be weaving supplies or just little odds and ends as residents and members both bid on items.  The funds we get help to support our guild and this way we don’t have yearly dues to pay.  We also will be serving more of a lunch to residents as well, so think as to what you might like to bring and sign up in August.

Youngstown Area Weavers

There is no August meeting. September is the annual picnic and beginning of the year meeting. It will be at Howland Park.

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