No Meeting & a Field Trip…

So the Youngstown Weaver’s have no meeting in June. There will be a stash relocation event in July, more on that later. If you would like to join the East Ohio field trip, please do.

The East Ohio Weavers are going on a field trip on June 15th  to the Kent State Fashion Museum to see FOCUS:FIBER 2019. Meet at the Salem Airport at 9:00, the show event runs from 10 to 5 and we will go to lunch after seeing the exhibit.  Admission is $6.  We will also need to know a number of who will be attending so we can arrange car pooling or if you are meeting us there, so we can make sure we wait on everyone before heading in to the exhibit.  Please let Sheila Cubick or Roxanne King know by June 12 so we can know how many to expect.

Focus Fiber 19


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