Regarding cotton…

I recently listened to the “Weave” podcast featuring Sally Fox, whose naturally colored organic cottons most of us are familiar with. Her story is absolutely riveting of why & how she developed her cottons, the trials and tribulations along the way and her hopes for the future of organic cotton. Give it a listen and then check out some of the earlier “Weave” podcasts too.

Weave podcast #52

Meeting March 13

The upcoming meeting is on March 13, 2019 at 10 am in the Colonial Inn on the Canfield Fairgrounds.

Bring all the show & tell you have been weaving all winter.

Sheila will be showing how to do stick weaving – this one is on an actual branch, not the old strap technique. Bring large tapestry or yarn needle, scissors and odd bits of yarns, charms, shells, beads, fabric strips…Anything you like that can be woven into a freestyle 3-D piece of art. Sheila will have the base branches in a variety of sizes, warp thread and a bunch of yarns to play with.

stick 0219

This relief is from Florence, Italy

Florence Italy