Summer Update

Since we do not have a regular meeting in August, here are a few tidbits to ponder over as we finish up our Fair entries. The next regular meeting will be the picnic on September 12.

Cheryl Miller of Yarn Works in Niles is looking for someone to assist  a new weaver who is working on a Schacht 4 harness table loom. Whoever is interested can use the yarn shop to teach in. This is a wonderful opportunity to help get someone else hooked on weaving!

We received some information from the Marshfield School of Weaving in Vermont. Find them at:  Marshfield School of Weaving The setting looks beautifully relaxing and there is an impressive selection of classes in spinning, dying, weaving, historical reproductions and loom mechanics. Give the website a look.

And of course don’t forget the demonstration and sale in November. Hopefully everyone is busy making things for our sale table. Spread the word…

craft show flyer

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