Dye Day – July 11, 2018

yawg dye 06-18

The annual Dye Day this year will be held at 10 am at the home of Sheila in Leavittsburg. Sheila participated in a gradient dye class earlier this year and will be sharing what she learned with us. Here are the rules for dying a gradient skein in the red to blue (the photo is a bit darker than the actual samples) pictured above:

Bring a skein up to 250 grams (8 – 9 ounces).  Tie the skein in 5 or 6 places in a loose figure eight.  Cotton, silk, tencel, bamboo, any blend of them or any plant based yarn will work. DO NOT bring wool, alpaca or any other animal based yarn.

Also you will need something large enough to lay out your skein – like a tote lid. Two garbage bags large enough to fit over your lids to cover your yarn and safely carry it home when it is dyed. Wear something you don’t care about getting dye on.

Please let Sheila know if you are coming and the weight of your fiber (if you know it) so she can get the dyes ready in advance. Any questions or if you need directions to her house, contact Sheila at 330-766-6496 or fullmooncat1313@aol.com

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